Rachel S. - Charleston, SC


I began as a bike commuter while a student at Clemson University. The nearly all downhill ride to class in the morning had me arriving with windswept hair and little effort, as well as the glorious feeling of freedom that only a bike can provide. 

Mobility is a big part of freedom for me.

I received my bike as a gift, sent in pieces, from a friend's workshop in Nevada to my small hometown in South Carolina. She was beautiful. Her colour being "celeste," (I had previously not known this was a colour), her kind being Bianchi, her status being my own. I knew she needed a name. 

She has traveled with me to Charleston, SC, where I am a physical therapy student at the medical university here. Charleston is an interesting city for the bike commuter: the streets just a little too narrow, with too many one-ways, too flat, but with just enough invitation to recommend that you ride your bike everywhere on the limited space of this peninsula. Parking for cars is like gold here. Similar to gold, it's difficult to find and can get you in trouble—tickets and towing are commonalities of the downtown parking experience.

I am thankful to have a bike, and to ride. She's not shiny or new, but she is mine and she is functional. She gives me freedom.

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