Making Headlines on Two Wheels

Maria Krasinski - Chicago, IL

Making Headlines on Two Wheels

My first bike was a gift for my 6th birthday, and it terrified me. I had no idea how to ride a bike, and even less interest to learn. Earlier attempts had ended predictably with scraped knees and wounded pride. My dad being my dad however, insisted on pushing me by the banana seat up and down the block and back again until we got it right.

(Oh, right: the bike had banana seat. And pink decals and a plastic basket covered in daisies. You'd think it was a fine ride for a little girl, but this was the '80s — BMX reigned supreme, and even at 6 I knew I had the dork bike. Did not help with the confidence problem.)

Eventually, it all started to click. I found my balance. Steadied the wheels. Completed a full rotation. Maybe even cracked a snaggle-toothed smile!

There we are, freewheelin' along Woodgate Avenue, when a car sidles up to us. The driver (I still remember his white beard) leans out asks if he can take our photo. Turns out, he's a photographer for the Buffalo News. He was noodling around the neighborhood looking for a "human interest" story when he happened upon our little cycling session. (Much later in life I learned this man was also the Chief Photographer for the Buffalo Bills, back when they were worth photographing.)

And so, that is the story of how I have a photograph of my dad and I, just moments after I learned to ride #myfirstbike.

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