low and slow

Mary Beth Broderson-Soper - FL

low and slow

I'm a 62 year old woman who never was able to ride a bike due to balance issues. On my approaching retirement, my husband started researching something that we could enjoy together. Along came our recumbent trikes! I cannot believe how much I love riding. The freedom, joy and exploration has given me a new lease on life.

I'm still working part time so we do our long rides on the weekends but try to squeeze a ride in after work most days. I so look forward to strapping on the helmet and hitting our neighborhood streets. More time is spent researching 'rail to trails' within driving distance for our long rides.

We might be slow - average 12 mph- and our distance isn't up there yet but in a couple of months we've put over 300 miles on our trikes. Yea for tadpole trikes!

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