Love to ride!

Mario Licciardi - Sparks, NV

Love to ride!

My story began when i was very young and I developed my love for riding a bike.  I basically grew up with a bike and rode all the time. In college I commuted and enjoyed the freedom and no hassle parking.

All of my physical activity came to a screeching halt after a full hip replacement in 1995. The surgery did not go well and until 2005, I led a sedentary life. :-(.  

That all changed in 2005. Prompted by my boys they wanted to go on a back pack trip. I had gained some weight and I decided to get back up on a bike. You see, due to my full hip replacement, most activities hurt. So I started working out on a hybrid and began venturing out with road cyclist.  Well that was futile, because they crushed me every time I rode with them. So in January 2006, I bought my first rode bike!! A Trek 1.2, and started riding, first as a recreational, then became an endurance rider. Since I have gone through two other bikes and currently ride a Wilier.

The rest as one might say is history. I am training to do the Tour of the California Alps, 5 mountain passes, 15,000 feet of climbing and 129 miles.... all in one day. I will be 60 in June and I am confident and resolved to complete the ride!!

Riding, in my opinion saved me from a life of being over weight and unhappy.  The greatest fun is knocking out 60 + miles and feeling great! You can do any thing you tell your mind to do.  Looking forward to many years of peddling.  

Joy and happiness to all and may God bless you!

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