Love Reborn

Erik Ortiz - Denver, CO

When I was a kid I basically lived on a bicycle. I would take it everywhere! Then time passed, I had some health issues and became your typical high school kid who wanted to drive my car. I rode my bike in college but strictly for class. In the years since I have lived in the suburbs and commuting just never really seemed like a reality. Well, thanks to a coworker of mine, that all changed on June 26th 2013. I decided to bike to work for the first time ever and well, I rediscovered my love for bike riding! In addition to the health and environmental benefits, it is truly fun! Riding a bike is FUN! I want everyone to know that! I would like to see a world where there are protected bike lanes that get you from one side of town to the other and from city to city! Everyone should be able to enjoy the fun that bike riding provides without fear of being hit by a motor vehicle. This is why I support the people for bikes movement!!!!!
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