Let your Body do something your MIND won't believe!

Karen Loewen - Tallahassee, FL

Let your Body do something your MIND won't believe!

I have been riding for 15 years religiously.  I use my bike to work and to run my errands every day.  I started a group called BEST Bike Eat Shop Tallahassee.  It's a partnership between bikes and businesses where our businesses reward our helmet clad cyclists for riding to their shop with a discount or incentive.

I also take beginner cyclists and especially commuters out in the streets and teach them how to navigate traffic and ride safe and confident.

The reason I love to ride is because of moments like last Saturday. I was showing some newbies a couple routes through town.  Teaching them to avoid the heavy traffic routes, etc.  Getting rid of the "it's too dangerous" myth!  I purposely took them up some huge hills.

On what we call the Krispy Kreme hill (there's a KK at the top) I followed on the newbies up right on her wheel.  Telling her when to shift, telling her relax and pedal...relax and pedal.  About 20 feet from the top she proclaimed "I can't do this!" BUT her legs kept turning and she made it up to the top of the hill.  And like the pro that she will be one day she shifted back up and prepared to resume the ride. 

Her mind told her she couldn't do it from the start but her body denied her mind to the bitter end.

Let your BODY do something your MIND won't believe! - EVERY DAY!

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