Just so you know, I am not dedicated

Chuck Bahl - Canal Fulton, OH

Just so you know, I am not dedicated

I took up cycling again in my late 20s, initially, because I noticed that my waistline was growing as my time spent on basketball and volleyball courts was shrinking. I immediately fell in love with the fun and utility of pedaling these efficient, two-wheeled works of art instead of enduring the mind-numbing drudgery of operating a motor vehicle any more than necessary. Eight years later, I am now an avid recreational rider, weekend "cyclo-camper," and swing-shift bicycle commuter.

When people hear I ride a bike thousands of miles a year, sometimes hundreds in a day, in rain and snow, both day and night... they often say either that I am crazy or that I am "dedicated"—I guess to fitness, or to the environment, or to saving money. It sounds nice, but if any of these were my primary goal, I could accomplish it more effectively in other ways. The simple fact is, I ride because it's fun. If it weren't, I wouldn't do it.

I am not dedicated. I am just a 36-year-old kid who likes to ride his bike.

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