Just a Bike

Ed Ortega - Arvada, CO

I really don't remember my first bike ride, but I wrote this to express how I feel about riding my mountain bike:
It's just a bike, the words echo through his head. He remembers hearing the sarcastic snickers and jaded jokes: It's not even as good as a Moped‚He paid how much for it? He's ridiculous‚ mine only cost fifty bucks‚ he drives a piece of sh@t truck and he bought a bike that costs more than the truck is worth!‚

The remarks trundle down his back‚he ambles down, around and through the mountain valley. He loses himself in the rolling rhythm‚ over roots, pine needles and opulent forest flora.

He peddles with his eyes closed, inches away from the edge. Gold doubloons of sun enrich the single-track. He feels the light tender touch upon the veneer of skin that covers his eyes. He opens them in a world of shadow bright sepia light. He rolls through the trees listening to the wildlife. His heart coalesces with the rotation of his bike, Earth and Sun.

He sails through the sky his back a mast.
His ship: just a bike, pleasing to sight and worthy for see.
Like mariners from the breast of bygone lore he too thinks of his bike as feminine, amour. All he need give is the sweat of his brow for her promise of adventure and freedom. For reason he cannot comprehend he thinks of his bike as his only true mourner, his only honest friend.

They sway and enter course together. Fixed in past and future time, preceding death as surly as ninety-nine precedes one hundred. Free from city strife, receding from dormant life as surly as libido recedes from flaccid rife.

He bounds up the cliff and she raises too meet his effort. He can feel her rear shock hold firm as the headset wriggles with assent. And almost without his aid, the ascent is made. 

They reach the zenith, a contrast of one; silhouette on sky hue. He finds his breathe. He rides a path less than a foots breadth. A panorama of yawning splendor raises goose bumps on his flesh. His bone and tendon are bound to the carbon fibers of her frame. The bond is without reproach. He trusts her to carry him from harm and he is compelled to do the same.

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