It Opened Up My World

John Obannon - Keauhou, HI

It Opened Up My World

I got my first bike the xmas after I turned 3. I was a precocious child that was totally independent and the world was bigger than my little legs (at that time) could get me around. I always wanted to do what the boys across the street did (they were 5 years older than I). They had bikes!

Well on that Christmas I was awarded the treasure of my first bike. It was a 20-inch Schwinn, I believe the model was a number like F-32 or something. It was 1957 and my world just opened up. Well, as I said, precocious and independent, I refused training wheels. My father spent the day "trying" to help me learn how to ride the bike. It was a miserable disaster for the both of us. But after the holiday and he went back to work, I spent the day, alone, in our driveway learning to ride that bike. When my dad got home that evening, I was riding the bike. I had scraped knees, palms and elbows, the bike had a number of scratches on the fenders from falling down, but I was riding.

It has been another 56 years, and I still ride everyday. I ride to commute to work, shop and recreate. They will have to pry my dead hands off the handlebars of my bike.

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