I’ll try a day or two…

Mark Fountain - Orland, CA

I’ll try a day or two…

I had given up my drivers license for medical reasons and had to join the throng of transit commuters slogging daily back and forth to work in Sacramento, CA and on the weekends Amtrak home to Orland, CA.  On April 29, 2010 I decided to dust off my father's old Trek bicycle and ride the 15 miles to work; two maybe three times a week.  After one week I bought a bike that fit me.  That was four years, 21,827 miles ago.

That's right twenty-one-THOUSAND-eight-hundred-twenty-seven miles ago!  I am amazed when I say it out loud because it sounds a like a lot of miles, but it doesn't seem like I've done that much.  It's just 8-15 miles at-a-time, every workday for the last four-years.

As I said, I started on Thursday April 29, 2010 with the idea of riding in to work and taking light-rail home with my bike tow or three times a week.  Well I did try the Light-Rail a couple of times but by the following week it was bike both ways every day and I haven’t stopped since.  Even after I recovered from my medical issues and regained my license in August of 2012 I am still riding every day, rain or shine.  It is not heroic it’s an addiction.

I am addicted to the ride.  As in all things in life, it is the journey not the destination.  Everyday I get a new journey that is a real break in the day when I am just moving through the world watching everything and often listing to books.  I've read over two hundred books on my bike in the last four years.  At 56, I appreciate every day I can get on my bike and roll with the wind.

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