I would like to thank my bicycle

Abbey Beal - Los Angeles, CA

I would like to thank my bicycle

After moving to Eugene, Oregon for graduate school in the summer of 2012, I finally transitioned from car-dependent to bike-mobile. Little did I know that acquiring a bike to get me to and from campus would have such a positive and lasting impact on my life. I have always understood and appreciated the fundamental benefits of encouraging people to ride bikes instead of drive a car, but I had yet to understand the transformational change it can have on the individual. 

My daily commute ignited a passion inside me, as I began to see how bikes could change the way people value and move through their communities. My bike began to symbolize a powerful source of change in the fight against global warming, air and noise pollution, and America's love affair with cars. It has since been my goal to help others see the world from the unique perspective of a bicycle, and to understand that riding a bike can combat numerous environmental and social issues.

Discovering the simply beauty of the bicycle has changed the way I live and view my life. My bike emancipates my mind, innovates my physical being, and rejuvenates my soul. It is on my bike that I have confronted my biggest demons, and discovered my inner peace. 

It is with the deepest gratitude that I thank my bicycle, for helping me rediscover the world.

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