I ride to feel joy!

Lucas Plumb - Santa Rosa, CA

I ride to feel joy!

It's hard to put into words the joy and deep contentment that I feel about riding my bike.  I just started riding seriously (although I don't go on very long rides) about 5 years ago when I was 64, and every year, the good feelings about cycling just get stronger and stronger.  It's partly that I know I'm doing something good for my body, and also for the environment.  When I ride my bike I feel empowered, capable and smart.

The biggest shift in my riding happened about 2 years ago when I made cycling my PMT (primary mode of transportation). I have 2 side baskets on my bike so I can carry all my groceries and other supplies/plants/you-name-it.  I can hardly make myself use my car any more and do so only if I have to go to a neighboring city or it's raining cats & dogs!  

Sometimes I take my bike to San Francisco on my car rack and use my bike down there.  I have biked several times from my hotel to the SF Symphony or parties and love biking to shop because car parking is awful in the city.  And I almost always rent a bike instead of a car if I'm visiting cities that support biking like Vancouver BC/Indianapolis/Davis/Tucson. Last spring I went on a Bike 'n Barge trip in France and I hope to do more outings like that.

This summer I am organizing a program I call "Cycle to Services" which will support Santa Rosa's 70 religious communities to encourage their members to bike to services during the week of July 14-20th.  I am also designing a line of clothing for women who want to bike to work or attend dressy social events.  I have a live/work studio so I don't have to bike to work, but if I ever get a separate office, I'll add that commute.

Thanks to everybody who has written their stories...they are inspiring and helpful to read....RIDE ON!!!!

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