I Loved My Fuji, But My Brothers Teasing Re-dubbed it “Fudgie”

Dana Albert - Albany, CA

My first bike was a Fuji Junior.  My brothers and I were unique in a) being pretty late in getting our first bikes, and b) getting ten-speeds long before any other kids. What a glorious day that was when I had my very own bike to ride and no longer had to run alongside my brothers and their friends as they rode up and down our neighborhood streets.

I really did love that Fuji, and defended its honor passionately when my brothers called it the "Fudgie" and told me that it was made by "Fuji Heavy Industries." My brothers also loved to tease me about my bike being called ‚"Junior," as opposed to their coolly-named Motobecane Nomades. It's hard to imagine why I was so ashamed of ‚"Junior," but clearly I was, because at some point I actually painted over the decals with red touch-up paint.

My brother's family has my old Fuji Junior now.  The last kid I know to have called it his own was my nephew Jake.  That's him in the photo.  He's certainly outgrown it by now, and I expect one of his siblings is riding it now.  I sure hope so.

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