Derrick Fogle - Columbia, MO


The moment I realized my dad had let go and I was riding a bike on my own, I was in love. Suddenly I could go farther, go faster, go more places and explore on my own. And I did. I rode to school and back as a kid. I rode to college as a young adult. By the time I got out in the workforce, I had become aware of the environmental and social impact of fossil fuel use. I committed to riding a bicycle for transportation and have been able to keep doing it almost all my life.

Today, I've ridden well over quarter million miles on a bike. Over 150,000 of that have been true "car displacement" miles. I'll talk about saving 60 tons of carbon emissions, and encourage others to get on a bike and make a difference too. It's an immediate benefit to the environment and even individually, it adds up fast. I'll extoll the amazing health benefits of being active every day, becoming even more appreciative of this as I age. I'll brag about having saved about $100,000 dollars compared to driving so far.

There are so many wonderful reasons to ride a bike, and as a lifelong commuting cyclist, I will tell you with certainty all the wonderful benefits you've heard are true. Absolutely true. But when all is said and done, all that's just icing on the cake. There's only one real reason I ride, and it all goes back to that wonderful feeling of freedom as a child, the moment I mastered the amazing utility of a bicycle: I LOVE TO RIDE MY BIKE!

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