I Love Bikes Because…

Daniel Karaczun - Bethel Park, PA

I Love Bikes Because…

I grew up in Chicago IL. The landscape there is flat. From the age of 12 I was able to ride to the lakefront to go swimming in the summer. I rode everywhere. My bike was my freedom even though Chicago's transportation system is wonderful, I preferred my bike. I could go anywhere, anytime even at a whim.

When I moved to Pennsylvania I found out that the state isn't flat. Matter of fact it's quite hilly especially in South Western PA. Finding a flat trail is possible but not too easy to find.

In 2000 I suffered a heart attack. Two year later the hospital ended there cardio rehab program and joined a gym to get the exercise I needed. I was five miles away and getting there was often a challenge and it was expensive. So, I dug out my old Huffy and started riding around the grounds of the local high school.

My son turned me on to the rail-trails near Pittsburgh and I rediscovered my "freedom". The same feeling I had in Chicago when I was twelve years old. This time I was in my sixties.

Since then I have started a website so that people could find a bike trail in Pennsylvania without spending money on gas first. The site contains maps, elevations, photos, video and more.

My wife often joins me with her delta trike and we stop for lunch at local restaurant or have a packed lunch. It is one of the highlights of our lives. We are both now in our seventies and still love riding.

Take a look at my site.



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