I don't ride a bike. I'm a cyclist.

Pete Beers - Falls Church, VA

I don't ride a bike. I'm a cyclist.

Being a cyclist is my sense of freedom and a way of life.  Ever since I could crawl, I wanted to go places and see things, at times to my mother's dismay.  43 years ago the training wheels came off the pink girl's bike that was a hand-me-down from a neighbor.  That was my ticket to go places on my own.  More than 4 decades later, I'm still going. 

When on vacation, I ride with a cycling club in southern France that is my inspiration in life.  They are a bunch of retired racers between the ages of 65 and 80.  They're on bikes doing training rides 5 days per week because they love each other's company and they love going places.  As I get closer to their age, I likely won't be doing 13,000 miles per year on a bicycle like I am now, but I'll still be riding as a way of life. 

I don't race.  I don't compete.  I enable.  These days my rides almost always involve helping people discover that they can do more with a bicycle than they think they can.  Nothing compares to the look of exhausted amazement and accomplishment on the face of a friend who has completed their first century, double century or just a "longest ride ever".  I'm fortunate to get to share that experience with people all the time.

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