How to keep your sanity and your family

Barry Dee - Tustin, CA

How to keep your sanity and your family

I started riding when I was 5 years old and I really never have looked back. When I was young it was a way to get somewhere faster than walking, running or skateboarding, which I did all of too. 

Then it became necessary when I got that paper route. When I was 12 I even turned to one wheel for a while; I was a wheeling king who kept a Schwinn Stingray's front wheel in the air for nearly 3 miles. Later I got a unicycle just to add to my repertoire. 

After a hiatus it was a road bike during college . As an Urban Planner and Real Estate lover I found it perfect for seeing the sites but covering a lot of ground. My second bike is still with me. His brand is a Vitus and that's his name too. He just turned 29 years young. I recently calculated we have traveled some 50+ thousand miles together. He is a faithful companion who never says much and seldom complains although on occasion he has gone a little flat. Our greatest challenge and accomplishment was completing the Seattle to Portland ride with some 10,000 others; 207 miles in just about 11:15 minutes include stops. 

During all the time I had been a cyclist only two things stop me from riding; my health and when I became a Father. When that happens you have to put away the thing you developed a passion for as a child. Even Peter Pan had to be responsible from time to time.

I realize now after all these years that Cycling was the most responsible thing I could do. My therapy if you will. Cheaper and more effective then any shrink could every be. I often start a ride with problems on my mind but end with solutions and a good healthy glow. It recharges my mind, my body and I dare say my soul and spirit. 

To date I have done a Century ride in every decade of my life except for my first ten years. Now at 60 I am preparing to keep that streak alive. 

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