How my story with cycling began

Ghassan Alnabhan - St. Clair Shores, MI

How my story with cycling began

When I first came to the United States two years ago, I had a pending immigration petition with USCIS. For that reason, I waited for nearly 8 months to get my SSN issued, which is required to get a driver license and eventually an auto registration. For that reason, I was dependent on the public transit for transportation which was completely unreliable regarding time and cost in the city where I was living.

I thought of getting a bike to use for the short distance commuting like going to the grocery stores and everything within a 5 mile radius of my home. I went to a department store without any previous experience with types and bicycles and their uses. Firstly , I went with cheapest mountain bike I found, because it was cool and cheap in regard to price. My first ride was like hell because I set the gear to the smallest cog in the back and the largest chainring in the front as I thought this will give me the fastest speed logically!! In addition the wheels were way out of true, brakes, front and rear derailleur were all out of adjustment!!!! Obviously I did not know the difference between a department store bike and a bicycle shop bike. But I thought that the reason was the brand of the bike and I got what I paid for. I went back to the department store and replace the bike with a single speed beach cruiser!!!! As  I thought it would be less complicated and need less frequent adjustment and tuning. I was much happier with my new bike, the position was comfortably upright and the seat was wide enough to support my hip without any discomfort. However, for long distance ride I was got very tired and I felt the bike was not efficient  compared to the effort I put into it. Even though, I started falling in love with this sport, I started losing weight, and much better cardio respiratory fitness and that inspire me to read and research everything about bikes from types of bikes to traffic rules and riding with traffic. After one month of riding and researching, I went back to the department store and replaced the cruiser this time with a hybrid bike which I still own so far!!!! 

After that I became a cycling enthusiast and was riding everywhere no matter how long the distance was. I was 30 years old married man and have a three years old daughter, so I got another bike for my wife and got a bicycle child seat for my daughter and mounted to the rear of my bike and we were doing family rides together everywhere, to the grocery stores, to the parks and even now we got a car and have another daughter we still using the bike for recreation and commuting but off course not as a family because our little one is still to young to sit in a bike seat!!!! You can find attached a photo of one of our family ride.

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