Pat Ferrelly - Greenville, SC

My mother would never buy me a bike because, she said, that none of my older brothers/sister ever used the bikes she bought them.  As a result, I used their hand-me-downs.  I had a friend who had a beautiful bike.  It was lime green, drop handlebars, and had 3 speeds. 

At age 15, I went to work, full-time, at Clarks shoe factory in Plymouth, England.  My friend never used her bike - so I bought her bike from her and loved it!  I rode it every day, back and forth, to work.  On weekends, I would ride it on trips to the beach.  I don't recall the make of it, but it was great.  I kept in for many years and eventually traded it in for a record player. 

At age 69, I now own a Dahon folding bike.  It is bright red, has 6 speeds, and fits into the trunk of my car.  I love it almost as much as that lime green bike!

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