Go On 3! for Ataxia Awareness

Michael Cammer - Downingtown, PA

Go On 3! for Ataxia Awareness

I grew up biking and playing sports clear up into my late 20's. Wrestling was my primary sport, but there just aren't many opportunities after college. So, I found triathlons! Not as grueling, but can be just as physically and mentally challenging when you do the swim, bike and run back to back to back.  After a few years though, I gave it up because I was losing my balance and was falling when I ran. For years, no one could figure out the cause for my loss of balance and incoordination.

Then I went to the doctor for an aching shoulder. He sent me for an MRI and after the results referred me to a neurologist. A neurologist? But I have shoulder pain, shouldn't I see an orthopedic doctor? He said they found no reason for shoulder pain, but they found something else and to go and see a neurologist. The results revealed I have ATAXIA due to spinocerebellar degeneration which was causing my loss of balance and incoordination. I became involved with the National Ataxia Foundation and at one of our awareness events we had an exhibitor who sold recumbent trikes. I took a test ride and I was like a third grader getting a new bike for Christmas! I finally bought one and am on the road again!

This weekend I'm doing my second Century ride as a fundraiser entitled "Go On 3! for Ataxia Awareness" and my fundraising link is here. All proceeds go directly to the National Ataxia Foundation for Ataxia research.

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