Nicolas Schoorman - Fitchburg, MA


First of all, riding my bike means freedom. It means getting out of the traffic jam and having my own thoughts for a while. Being connected with my body, my mind, my perceptions. Sounds very egoist. And it is! I love riding because of this inner feeling of peace after the ride. Muscles hot, brain exhausted. covered with mud, rain or sweat.

Then we can also call it a political and ecological act. It is great to ride and avoid all the troubles and the money spent in a car. A flat tire is nothing compared with stress and time lost in the lanes.

And it is more social. I can stop and meet people in the streets, while riding in the back-country. When travelling, it attracts attention and it sounds more friendly than any other motorised vehicle.

Give a try and feel better in your mind and in your body.

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