For LIfe

Kent Beisner - IN

For LIfe

Way back in the sixties I began to ride my bicycle to classes at the University of Idaho.  It was a quicker, more enjoyable way to get to and from class.

After graduation, I discovered the Tour of the Scioto River Valley.  Training with friends and family, riding that tour fifteen times, and participating in other bicycle tours convinced me I wanted to be a bicycle tourist.

Planning and dreaming, for over thirty years, for a cross country bicycle tour became a reality in 2007.  I was able to discover the United States of American on a self supported trip from Astoria, Oregon to Providence, Rhode Island.

Bicycling this great country, meeting the wonderful people of the United States of America, and seeing so many interesting places and things showed me that I needed to share bicycling with anyone who is interested.  I committed to help make bicycling experiences better for all those I could.

Took a leadership training course with Adventure Cycling Association and began to help staff and lead tours for them.

Spent time developing a "Power Point" and presenting my cross country tour to any group that was interested in hearing about it.

I have worked with local governments to begin the establishment of United States Bicycle Route 50 in Indiana.

My life is better, in so many ways, because of bicycling.  I intend to keep bicycling as long as it is possible.  Bicycle for life!

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