Dad’s Bike Helped Us Get our Balance

Jyoti Sherma - Santa Clara, CA

Dad’s Bike Helped Us Get our Balance

I can still remember my first bicycle first ride.. I was like 9 or 10 yrs old. The bicycle had no gears nothing fancy...and was almost as tall as me.. one of those big cycles that adults would ride in India.

One leg through the frame, right leg frantically pedaling ...1 o'clock ..3 o'clock..1 o' clock..3 o' clock‚ left leg in sync 7 o' clock ..9 o'clock..7 o' clock.. 9 o' clock as the bike picked up momentum. Holding the carrier behind, ran Dad. As I got some sense of balance he would stop running. I sometimes crashed and most times ended up balancing... Weren't we courageous, or should I be saying, parents less paranoid ;). In fact, most of our adventurous trips with friends were on that very cycle, group of us friends, each riding Dad's cycle‚.. For all of us, then, Dad's bike happened to be our test ride bike‚ we crashed, smashed, cycled into trees, into open drains, bike and us....all together. So by the time my kid brother and I were done with the so called bike training and test rides, the bike was totally battered. So much so, would clatter even when one walked the bike.

Back in the days, none of the families we knew, could afford those little bikes that were meant for kids, But what each of us did get..was a more than decent education. So while most of us can say we have been lucky, many don't get that chance.

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