Been riding all my life

Jason Stimson - Phoenix, AZ

Been riding all my life

I have been an on again, off again rider for my whole life. 

Through high school, I was an avid rider, using the bike as a study tool. My head would become crammed with information, so I would get on and ride vast distances (20+ miles a night) in Los Angeles traffic just to sort through the things I was studying.

After graduation, my riding became just an occasional recreational thing, usually alongside my late father who loved to ride as well. Together, we covered thousands of miles, and had countless conversations. 

I wrecked my bike a number of years ago. Thankfully I was uninjured, (minor scrapes and bruising) but the bike frame was slightly bent, and had a small crack in the crankcase. Obviously unrideable, I put the bike into storage in hopes of one day getting it fixed. I couldn't afford a new bike, so my need for riding went unanswered.

Five years ago, I lost my father to cancer, and inherited his bicycle. A beautiful Super Mondia, in EXCELLENT condition, that fit me perfectly! My riding opportunity had returned and I was excited and eager to return to the sport and hobby I've loved my whole life. 

During the last four years or so, I've used the bike for both recreation and commuting, logging hundreds of miles, and seeing parts of Arizona I didn't see in a car. I LOVE riding this bike, and get a lot of looks and comments about it while I ride.

Last year, I found out that riding is causing me some physical problems. The seat pressure on my groin/prostate has become an issue, the stresses on my lower back, shoulders, wrists and hands have also started to cause some issues, and getting on the bike to ride anything more than a mile or two is unbearable. Which brings me to this...

I am reaching out here in hopes for a little help. I have a gofundme account ( ) set up in order to purchase a recumbent trike. I test rode one after hearing about their benefits, and fell instantly in love with them. It's all I think about anymore, and I constantly bug people around me talking about it. I can not afford one on my own, but my nearly desperate need to ride still exists. I need to retire my dads road bike and get onto something my body can handle. Please help me make this dream come true. Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated. 

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