Bearing the weight

Beth Walser - St. Louis Park, MN

Bearing the weight

I picked up cycling about 5 years ago when a couple of friends who I had just met seemed really into it. I enjoyed it to an extent and had always been a fairly active person but at 325 lbs I struggled to keep up and find true joy in the activity. At rock bottom I had actually signed up for a 150 mile bike ride, barely trained, signed up for the ride, told others I was riding, went to the ride and hung out at the team tent and ate like I had ridden, but never rode a single mile that weekend.

There were a couple key moments in the next couple months of my life that changed my life forever. My niece was born and my father had a stroke and at that point I realized I wasn't living the life I wanted to live and if I kept it up I wouldn't be around much longer, much less be a good role model for my niece. I was taking all of my stress, all of my happiness and boredom out on food. Something clicked and I realized I could instead, take my emotions out through exercise, specifically through biking. 

In the last year and a half I have begun the process of quite literally shedding my monster. I have lost over 100 lbs. Last summer I rode over 1800 miles oncluding that same 150 mile ride I "rode" the year before as well as rode every single mile of RAGBRAI including the century loop! This winter I took up fat biking and am now partipating in 30 Days of Biking and I could not be happier!! I still struggle with my monster every day but biking at least makes him disappear for a period of time.

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