A Late Start

Susan Kingbeil - Marion, OH

A Late Start

I didn't have a bike when I was a child.  At first there was no money for one, then we moved to a rural area where there was no good place to ride.  I got married, spent the next 20 years or so raising kids.

So when I was in my mid-50's, I was living temporarily in a smallish town (Delaware, OH) in an apartment, waiting for my condo to be built--Delaware is a good town for biking, and it looked like fun.  So I bought an inexpensive bike at Walmart and re-learned how to ride.  I realized that here, at last, was something that was not only good for you, but that I really LIKED.  Loved, actually.

Eventually I bought a much better bike and although Marion (where I live now) is not all that great for biking, I get out as much as I can, usually on the country roads just outside of town.  I also try to get on the bike trails in the area, although the closest one is still nearly an hour away.  On the bright side, Marion is building its own bike trail (I belong to a bike club here, which is helping the effort) and I can only hope I can keep riding till it's done!  I'm 67 now and hope to bike as long as humanly possible.

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