A flood of memories

Laura Fluke - New Baltimore, MI

I have to admit the mere statement, ""Tell us about your first bike."" evoked a flood of memories I really never realized existed.  I was actually pretty surprised by the amount of memories associated with a myriad of bikes over the years.

But as the request asks for one, I'd have to say the Trek FX 7.5 that I bought to return to cycling after a total knee replacement and to ride in my very first duathlon.  I had friend challenge me to sign up for a triathlon.  I thought I'd start small...that year, I cycled 1300 miles.  I was hooked and the addiction to cycling had returned, helping me to lose over 70 pounds in 10 months.  In the years of 2011 & 2012, I cycled 2015 miles and 2500 miles respectively.  I've completed two centuries in under 8 hours.  Our family has made cycling a very integral part of our recreational & fitness lifestyle and at the same time bringing us all closer.

My love for cycling started over 35 years ago and I have no intent in stopping any time soon.

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