A bike for Tim

Carrie Hammye - Burlington, KS

A bike for Tim

This year I was debating about what I should buy for my husband Tim. We have been recording our miles of riding bikes in a local competition. I glanced at the results as I went by the paper. Tim had cycled 3500 miles!

I thought of all the very early mornings he had ridden. I thought of the over 500 miles he had ridden in the BAK to purchase Bibles for nurses and doctors. I was getting an idea.

I also couldn't help but compare this to my husband a few years ago before we began biking. He was 55 pounds heavier, sedentary, and not very healthy.

Biking became his outlet and his stress relief. The more he biked, the fitter and more lean he became. He and I would take ten mile bike rides and worked our way to the place where 20 was the norm and long rides were commonplace.

He had been riding a used road bike. But, this Christmas my husband will receive a gorgeous new Jake the Snake Kona bike. I think he has surely earned it!

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