Meet the people behind PeopleForBikes

Based in Boulder, Colorado, our professional and talented staff is driven by their passion for getting more people on bikes more often. With a combined 134 years experience in bicycling advocacy, we are dedicated to ensuring safe and accessible riding options for all.

Tim Blumenthal - President

Tim is our head honcho. With a passion for bicycling that spans many decades and disciplines, Tim plots our strategic course and helps staff succeed in their efforts to make every American bike ride better. More on Tim here.

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Michael Andersen - Green Lane Project Staff Writer

Michael produces and manages all content for the Green Lane Project blog and helps the team with other specialized writing projects.


Jennifer Boldry, Ph.D. - Director of Research

Jennifer, or Doc B. as she's called around these parts, aggregates, analyzes and reports on every facet of PeopleforBikes' work. A self-proclaimed data geek, Doc B. loves that her work makes a real difference in the world, socially, environmentally and economically. She hopes to one day own a bike that would allow her to haul her 130 lb. dog with her on adventures.


Sarah Braker - Communications Manager

Sarah communicates our latest news and events to the PeopleForBikes community. Having survived commuting by bike in New York City, Sarah loves playing a small part in making bicycling safer and more accessible to as many people as possible.

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Charlie Cooper - Vice President of Membership & Development

Charlie leads our efforts in fundraising, membership growth, and corporate sponsorships. He enjoys helping make bicycling part of the solution to everyday challenges and dreams of one day doing something impressive on a bike!

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April Corbin - Equity Writer

April writes about ​all issues related to bicycling and equity​, with a special focus on efforts to increase bike share use among underserved populations.​ A resident of Louisville, KY, she dreams of one day owning a bike that can fly—just like Elliott's in E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.


Jenn Dice - Vice President - Business Network

Jenn directs our Business Network and government relations program. Jenn’s enthusiasm for bikes is evidenced by 10 (and counting) Leadville 100 buckles, two (and counting) Mount Kilimanjaro bike descents, and a career dedicated to making bicycling more accessible.

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Erik Esborg - Vice President of Finance

Erik is the man behind the curtain, managing finances and human resources at PeopleForBikes. When Erik’s not crunching numbers, he’s riding bikes, playing guitar, or dreaming of a day when he can do both at the same time.

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Katy Hartnett - Director of Government Relations

Katy works to advance PeopleForBikes’ federal policy goals in Washington, DC. She enjoys visiting members of Congress and telling them how federal policy can promote bicycling as part of the solution to the nation’s transportation challenges. She wishes that she could be a set of bicycle handlebars so she could steer bike policy in the right direction!


Lynne Ida - Bookkeeper + Office Administrator

Lynne keeps our PeopleForBikes ship running smoothly by being one step ahead of everyone on staff. In additon, she also provides support for our finance and human resource departments. Lynne enjoys riding her bike around Boulder, whether to work or for leisure, so she can discover new things and places she may not have seen in a car.

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Kristy Kibler - Business Network Events Manager

Kristy manages our Business Network events, cultivating business leaders and elected officials who support bicycling. Kristy’s passion for riding is fueled by everything from her dad’s funky hunting-bike contraption to losing a friend hit by a car while biking.

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Kimberly Kinchen - Business Network Writer

Kimberly helps PeopleForBikes make the business case for bicycling. She loves sharing the joy and utility of bicycling with her Seattle neighbors, and rides a sweet new Soma mixte, a vintage Peugeot mixte, a Brompton, and a vintage Raleigh Grand Sports—but not all at the same time.


Zoe Kircos - Director of Grants and Partnerships

Zoe administers our Grant Programs, manages our national partnerships, strives to expand equitable access to bike share through the Better Bike Share Partnership, and works to secure funding for PeopleForBikes projects and programs. She enjoys supporting the committed, passionate and smart people trying to make their communities better through bicycling.

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Alex Logemann - State + Local Policy Analyst

Alex reviews laws and policies from all 50 states to ensure the bike industry is aware of legislative and regulatory developments. A burrito-loving, Summit County-riding, karaoke-singing kind of guy, Alex loves that his work helps ensure manufacturers can keep making the bikes people love to ride and the products they love to use.


Morgan Lommele - E-Bikes Campaigns Manager

In partnership with the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association, Morgan manages the state campaigns to increase access for people who ride electric bikes. In her free time, Morgan loves riding her custom steel hardtail Niner SIR 9, especially on the Colorado Trail or anywhere in Knoxville, TN.


Mitch Marrison - Marketing Coordinator

Mitch coordinates our retailer program and helps build grassroots support for our movement through local bike shops and events. Mitch speaks for many of us when he says that knowing his work directly improves bicycling in the U.S. makes it hardly feel like work at all.

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Wendy Mayo - Director, Marketing & Communications

Wendy heads the marketing and communications efforts—working to help grow and activate the community of advocates to get more people on more bikes, more often. Now armed with a toddler that has outgrown the iBert, she feels it's her calling to speak for those who aspire to doing more on two wheels regardless of their experience or skill level.


Meghan McCloskey - Marketing Coordinator, National Bike Challenge

Meghan helps run the National Bike Challenge by creating a community to unite riders all over the country. She hopes she can help more people realize that bicycling is one of the best ways to get around, and that it can help you make room for more slices of pizza.

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Sarah Murer - Marketing Coordinator

Sarah supports marketing and event planning for PeopleForBikes. By bringing PeopleForBikes to communities through our events and traveling crews, Sarah loves to remind people how they felt the first time they rode a bike.

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Aisling O’Suilleabhain - Marketing Manager

Aisling manages marketing for the Green Lane Project, Better Bike Share Partnership and PeopleForBikes. After spending two years in biking paradise in the Netherlands, she wanted to work somewhere where she could create more safe places for people to ride. She loves to ride her bike everywhere she visits, but her favorite ride was a nighttime ride in Yangon, Myanmar.


Martha Roskowski - Vice President of Local Innovation

Martha directs PeopleForBikes' Green Lane Project, jumpstarting protected bike lanes and low-cost street retrofits in U.S. cities. Martha enjoys being part of the PeopleForBikes team and the way protected bike lanes turn a busy street into a comfortable and inviting place to ride.

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JJ Trout - Data + Technology Strategist

JJ manages all things on the data front for the PeopleForBikes Business Network. When she's not leading the charge on databases, she can be found racing her two-wheel companion on dirt or winning mutton-busting competitions.

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