2014 Riders

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Charles Adler

BIO: Kickstarter co-founder, designer, entrepreneur, cyclist, runner and advocate for the underdog.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: My love for bikes come from three places. First it's a personal escape into the wilderness, the countryside or winding roads which always provides a fresh take on myself and the world around me. It's a journey within the world and within yourself. Second, cycling is an effort. There is pain, strain, and pressure that one exerts from within onto the pavement. It's about perseverance and accomplishment. Personal goals and personal records. And lastly, it's community and camaraderie when you want it. Cycling can be a solo adventure but it always comes back to those countless others who love the adventure of the road.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Freedom for anyone and everyone who wishes to grab a bike and ride comfortably anywhere in the world.

John Bucksbaum


Charlie Cooper

Location: Boulder, CO 
Bio: Dad to Daisy (8) and Reid (turning 6 on our final day, April 2nd) and husband to Lisa (missing her birthday too, our first day of riding!)… but, aside from missing birthdays, I’m a family man! And a VP at PeopleForBikes. Dream job. Love getting to go to work everyday to make bike riding better, safer, more fun, convenient and accessible throughout the USA. Grew up in the midwest (Indianapolis), college in Ohio (Denison ’92). Three previous career chapters starting with NASCAR (Atlanta ’92-97), EA SPORTS (SF/Bay Area ’97-2003), Leisure Trends Group (research firm- Boulder) and now PeopleForBikes for a little over two years now. From motorsports to video games to research and now bike advocacy, I promise there is a common theme- a life long love for the bike!  
Favorite post-ride snack: Budweiser (Because yoU Deserve What Everyone Should EnjoyRegularly)
Why I love bikes: Freedom, fun, the experiences, outdoors, the bonds created, practicality, transportation, singletrack, fitness, suffering, the thrills, kids on bikes with smile. 
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: The day, in the United States, when the political debate around the following fact, is a debate no longer: It is less expensive for government, at all levels, to invest in bicycle infrastructure (great PlacesForBikes!) than it is not to.

Brad Fentress

BIO: Hmm...at the age of 42, I have not necessarily figured out who I am but I can tell you that I love date nights on a bike with my wife and watching my 9- and 11-year-old sons play soccer. Beyond that, I own a European furniture and kitchen showroom (Studio Como) in Denver, but as my employees can attest, I am as likely to be found in my spandex as I am in a dress shirt.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: I love bikes for a host of reasons, but not necessarily ranked in order of importance: 1)  I love how people on bikes transforms a city. Visit Amsterdam and you will see how cycling dominates the fabric of the city. 2)  I love bikes as a form of year round exercise and fall season competition (cyclocross). 3)  I love bikes as a family activity, whether it be going out on a date with my wife on our city bikes or going on a family mountain bike ride in the foothills. 4)  In particular, I love my cross bike (and I have many bikes to choose from) because it serves so many purposes - it gets me to work, it takes me on long road rides, it wears knobby tires to go fast in the mud, and it will take me from Kansas City to Chicago.  Yeehah.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Thinking about my own backyard (Denver), I want to see more people riding their bikes to work and riding their bikes for fun.  To make this happen, I believe that the streets need to feel safer for cyclists.  Personally, I am a nervous wreck when riding with my two sons and wife on the city streets.  When we can all move seamlessly through the city on bikes AND feel safe doing it, I will feel we have "arrived."

Aaron Foster

BIO: I wanted to be Atticus Finch. Turns out I'm Boo Radley. I'm ok with that.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Just about anything Mexican, or a really good burger.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: The bike has been my happy place for nearly thirty years.  Early on, it meant freedom and a largely expanded world.  Later it was healthy competition and great friends while racing.  These days, it's both an escape from hectic daily life as well as something better to escape to.  I am at home on my bicycle.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: I would like to see this country develop a better understanding of the efficiency and usefulness of the machine as well as an increased acceptance of the bicycle as a viable means of transportation.  A place where the question shifts from "Why did you ride your bike here?" to "Why did you drive your car here?".

Richard Fries


Evan Fry


Joan Hanscom

BIO: Bike racer, wanna-be surfer, word girl, cyclocross pioneer - and marketing manager for ABUS Mobile Security.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Because riding - commuting to work or for fun and racing makes me feel like a little kid again.  It makes me happy inside. Every time.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: When I was little it was a major rite of passage to ride your bike to school - it meant you were one of the big kids.  Over the years infrastructure dwindled and the roads became less safe and the number kids riding bikes to school dwindled.  So my future sees a return to safer streets for cyclists - including protected bike lanes and dedicated bicycle-only routes and greater driver awareness that we belong on the roads too.  As population density increases in our major metropolitan areas having safe and viable cycling options will become even more vital to prevent absolute gridlock.  I would love to see the bike viewed as the better more attractive option for short trips instead of cars by a greater segment of the population.

Megan Hottman

BIO: I am "TheCyclist-Lawyer.com."  I'm a bike racer, bike commuter, bike enthusiast, spin instructor, bike team coach and director...You might say I eat, sleep, and breathe biking ;) Cycling is a common thread through every aspect of my life.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Choc Protein Powder +cold coffee, blended (and Skratch rice cakes!)
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Bikes provide a sense of freedom, challenge, exhilaration and humility all in one.  You are always learning on the bike—whether racing or commuting.  You are always challenged on the bike—regardless of discipline, road, trails, it's never the same thing twice. I love and appreciate the way bikes make us better people. More appreciative. Healthier. More engaged.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: More people out on bikes, riding them not just for recreation but for running errands.  Cars left at home and more bikes used for transport.  More people on bikes = more motorists looking for cyclists =safer riding for all cyclists.

Tim Johnson

LOCATION: New England
BIO: As Richard Fries would like to say, I'm the one who came with the great idea to ride to the National Bike Summit, in winter. What came of that idea has changed the way I ride and my view of cycling. We might "just be racers" but are still very much part of a larger cycling family...
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: For some reason, yogurt comes to mind.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Selfishly, it's the idea of riding near my house and feeling like the drivers passing by and I, are all on the same page. Otherwise, it's hoping that some kid growing up will have the go-ahead to ride a bike - and the parents won't be afraid of letting them do so.

Brandon Jones

BIO: Texas native, NY resident, father, husband and investor. Biking enthusiast for commuting and attempted fitness.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Great way to get around an otherwise congested city. Puts a smile on my face when I drop the kids off at school and pedal myself to work down the West Side Bike Path sipping a coffee.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: More accessibility for bikes in cities. More focus on bike safety.

Jamie Kripke

BIO: Professional husband, father, and photographer. Amateur cyclocrosser, fundraiser and coffee nerd.  Born and raised in Toledo, OH.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Bikes disprove the idea that nothing is free.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: More bike lanes. More bike paths. More bike racks. More bikes. Fewer cars.

Craig Lewis


Allen Lim


Ed Medina

BIO: Ed Medina is an award-winning multimedia journalist for the Boston Globe, an adventurer, a lifelong amateur bike racer, and a veteran of Tim's rides. Ed grew up in Tulsa, OK, and his family is from Chicago's South Side. He looks forward to rolling through the familiar grasslands of the Midwest.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Spinach walnut salad and a PBJ sandwich
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Bicycles connect us to our youth, and that first feelings of freedom.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Greater understanding and respect between motorists and cyclists. More group rides where cyclists ride for one another, rather than against one another. Safer bike lanes in American cities big and small.

Paul Steely-White

LOCATION: Brooklyn, the County of Kings
BIO: Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, maybe the most effective bike advocacy group in the country.  (After PeopleForBikes and Midnight Ridazz of course)
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Case of Barley and Hops Pops
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Because riding my bike engages then calms my beastly nature.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: 20 mph urban speed limits & connected networks of greenways, complete streets, and protected bike lanes in all US cities.

Christian Vande Velde


Tom Vanderbilt

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY
BIO: I am author of Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It says About Us). I write for many publications, ranging from Wired to Smithsonian to the New York Times. I am also contributing editor to Outside Magazine, and columnist for Slate. I am a Strava ambassador and have ridden on six continents.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: They get people from A to B without burning fuel, making noise, and, generally, killing people. Few other machines have changed so little since their invention, yet are still so useful. In Boston, bike share memberships are now seen as part of a public health initiative—what other transportation can claim that?
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: In which I could ride with my daughter to the place I want to ride with my daughter. And in which people on bikes aren't thought of as 'cyclists.'

Logan VonBokel

LOCATION: Fort Collins, CO
BIO: I'm a guy from the midwest living in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since I first swung a leg over a road bike as a freshman in high school, I have been a lover of both cutting-edge technological innovations and the clean lines of classic handmade bikes. I'm only a year out of college, working at VeloNews, and traveling the world.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: It's hard to not smile when you're on a bike. The destination is only a small fraction of the journey, and there is so much more to reaching a destination than arriving. This rings true so often that we often arrive much later than we even anticipated.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Making the bicycle a more acceptable and easier accessed form of transportation for everyone.

Pete Webber

BIO: Pete is a full-time cycling coach with more than 25 years' experience in all types of riding. A former pro mountain bike racer at the world cup level, he's also multi-time Cyclocross National Champion. Pete is also a bike advocate, a former staff member of the International Mountain Bike Association, and is a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Pete was the lead designer of Boulder's Valmont Bike Park, and is head cyclocross coach for Boulder Junior Cycling.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: I love the adventure that you find on every bike ride, and the amazing community of riders in our sport.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: More bicycling facilities, better places to ride both on road and off road, safer streets, and better transportation design that makes bicycling easier and more convienent.

Kevin Wolfson

BIO: I am the lead frame designer for Firefly Bicycles in Boston, MA. Most days I wake up and almost immediately start fantasizing about what to eat for lunch and dinner. After most meals I immediately want a brownie.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Cheddar cheese, eaten like an apple, George Costanza style.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: I've ridden and raced bikes for as long as I remember. Literally, my first memory is from a tricycle race when I was five. These days I love bikes mostly as tools. Tools to go fast, to explore in the woods, to feel exhilarated, or to get the grocery store.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: A better future for cycling is one where anyone from 8 to 80 years old (to borrow that wonderful phrase) feels comfortable riding there bike anywhere they want to go.

Chris Zigmont

LOCATION: Evanston, IL
BIO: A father, husband, and lifetime cyclist, racing and riding for fun and purpose all these years.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Since my earliest memories, the bicycle has provided me more joy and exploration of myself and the world around me than anything else.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Improved acceptance and awareness from motorist. Parity in the public conscience.