2016 riders

Lucy August-Perna

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Bio: I laugh. A lot. Sometimes at inappropriate times. I'm also the Advocacy Manager at Specialized Bicycle Components where I get to partner with great organizations like PeopleForBikes.
Favorite post-ride snack: A Juicy Lucy!
Why I love bikes: Because learning to overcome the “oh shit” moments on a bike has helped me overcome the “oh shit” moments of life.  
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: When fear of one’s safety is no longer a reason to not go out and ride.

Jennifer Boldry

Location: Broomfield, CO
Bio: In my role as director of research for PeopleForBikes, I am fortunate to be able to combine my passion for numbers with my passion for bicycling. Although I love all forms of bicycling, mountain biking is nearest to my heart.
Favorite post-ride snack: Nachos and beer.
Why I love bikes: The bike is a solution to so many of the challenges we face as a society including increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, urban congestion, pollution, and stress. I have met so many of the most important people in my life through the bicycle and it is so much fun!
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: My job will be done when anyone, anywhere can make a decision about whether/where to ride a bicycle based on desire rather than fear.

Emily Bremer

Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Bio: As the Women’s Marketing Manager at Trek, there’s never a day in my life without bikes. I’m not complaining!
Favorite post-ride snack: Cheddar bunnies and pizza rolls
Why I love bikes: Because Tim Johnson loves bikes.
What a better future for biking looks like to me: Watching people who never thought they would ride a bike doing it regularly. 

Dan Brooks

Location: Atlanta GA
Bio: Although looks can be deceiving, Dan Brooks began his cycling career on the back of an orange Schwinn Stingray with a black banana seat in the early 80s with a move to mountain bikes in the late 80s and early 90s.  The love affair continued in 2003, with a return to road cycling after a misguided attempt at being a corporate lawyer and sitting at a desk for way too long.  The love of the bicycle was sealed on a ride across the United States in 2013.  Immediately following that ride, Dan struck out on a path to spread the love of two wheels to today's youth by starting the Georgia High School Cycling League under the umbrella of NICA.  He lives in Atlanta, GA, with his three young sons and wonderful wife, Lisa, who regularly holds the home together while Dan galavants around the country on his bicycles
Favorite post-ride snack: Cold watermelon with salt
Why I love bikes: I love bikes because of the connection to the environment and the world around you that can only be achieved on a bicycle. The clarity of mind provided by a bicycle is liberating and energizing. I love the fact that you can ride bikes for your entire life. Bikes are truly the fountain of youth.  
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: It means being able to ride without the fear of being killed by motorists. It means being able to ride through a metropolitan city with my young children on their own bikes.  It means access to trail infrastructure on public lands for mountain biking as a recreational pursuit.  

Charlie Cooper

Location: Boulder, CO 
Bio: Dad to Daisy (8) and Reid (turning 6 on our final day, April 2nd) and husband to Lisa (missing her birthday too, our first day of riding!)… but, aside from missing birthdays, I’m a family man! And a VP at PeopleForBikes. Dream job. Love getting to go to work everyday to make bike riding better, safer, more fun, convenient and accessible throughout the USA. Grew up in the midwest (Indianapolis), college in Ohio (Denison ’92). Three previous career chapters starting with NASCAR (Atlanta ’92-97), EA SPORTS (SF/Bay Area ’97-2003), Leisure Trends Group (research firm- Boulder) and now PeopleForBikes for a little over two years now. From motorsports to video games to research and now bike advocacy, I promise there is a common theme- a life long love for the bike!  
Favorite post-ride snack: Budweiser (Because yoU Deserve What Everyone Should EnjoyRegularly)
Why I love bikes: Freedom, fun, the experiences, outdoors, the bonds created, practicality, transportation, singletrack, fitness, suffering, the thrills, kids on bikes with smile. 
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: The day, in the United States, when the political debate around the following fact, is a debate no longer: It is less expensive for government, at all levels, to invest in bicycle infrastructure (great PlacesForBikes!) than it is not to.

Evan Fry

Location: Boulder, CO
Bio: I've been addicted to riding bicycles on pretty much any surface pretty much since I could walk. I'm now 45, so that's a fair spell. These days, I ride road and dirt with a great crew in Boulder, mostly with the fine folks of Mosaic Cycles. I also race full seasons of Cyclocross as a Masters Cat 2, also for Mosaic Cycles, on Team Small Batch. When I'm not doing that, I'm either in a horizontal position at rest, or riding rowdy trails (my main cycling love) in Colorado or Utah. Professionally, I'm an advertising creative and film director, and I've done some work for People for Bikes in addition to many other cycling brands. I am happy to join Tim and the rest of this group to raise some awareness and funds for a better cycling future - and can't wait to do this dance.
Favorite post-ride snack: Big ride: eggs and rice, chocolate recovery drink of some kind.
Why I love bikes: It's as close to flying like a bird as we'll ever get as stupid humans. Speed. Mastery. Dedication. Improvement. Community. Fitness. The bikes themselves are rad.
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: Denmark, Norway. Fewer shouts from passing rednecks to the tune of "Get a car, Nancy!" Fewer distracted drives. Less "us/them" mentality from both riders and drivers.

Megan Hottman

Location: Golden, CO
Bio: Lawyer cyclist (TheCyclist-Lawyer) advocate all-round fun-haver, dog lover, outside adventure enthusiast! 
Favorite post-ride snack: Gluten free bread smeared with Justin's almond butter, jelly, topped with bananas! 
Why I love bikes: Racing, riding, commuting, no matter what you use the bike for, it's SO empowering to get where you're going by virtue of your own legs and lungs! Plus you get happier, healthier, more sane and more engaged when you ride versus driving your car. I love the bike for SO many reasons but most of all because of how it makes us better.
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: Roads with bike lanes and infrastructure, and motorists who accept cyclists on the road as equal road users. Mostly, cyclists AND motorists who all know the laws and know how to safely and legally and skillfully share the roads together! 

Ted King

Location: Born and raised in New England. Now living in San Francisco, CA.
Bio: I am a ten year veteran of the European professional peloton. I raced with the likes of the Cervelo TestTeam, Liquigas, and most recently Cannondale-Garmin. Recognizing that there is life beyond the bike, I chose to retire at the end of the 2015 season. Over my career, I raced for the likes of Carlos Sastre, Thor Hushovd, and most notably Peter Sagan. I was a nose-to-the-grindstone domestique forgoing my own accomplishments for the best interest of the team. I've raced the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, World Championships, hallowed spring classics, and hundreds of others. I recently started the energy nutrition business, UnTapped that takes the naturally nutritious but overlooked power of organic maple syrup as the basis for sports nutrition. I still love riding and can generally be found aboard my Cannondale somewhere in the world.
Favorite post-ride snack: UnTapped Maple Waffle
Why I love bikes: Love riding bikes because with enough patience, bikes will save the world!
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: Better future starts young. Teaching kids the importance of the bicycle will be the bottom-up, groundswell of change that will make the world a better place. The bicycle as an ingrained part of our culture is possible, but needs tremendous support.

Photo courtesy of Velocio.cc.

Bruno Maier

Bio: President of RockyMounts, Inc., in Boulder, CO. Lucky enough to spend my entire career connected to cycling. As a child I spent more hours than I can count in a bike shop. My dad owned a bike shop in Centerville, OH where he sold Raleigh, Bianchi and Puch bicycles.  My first job out of college was with Huffy Bicycle Co. and after that I was lucky to spend the next 15 years with Pacific Cycle, Schwinn, GT, Cannondale, Bikes Belong, and PeopleForBikes.org.  Currently lives in Boulder, CO with his wife Debbie and their two boys Wilson (16) and Drew (14). Hope to become a quarterbacks coach when I retire. 
Favorite Post Ride Snack: Beer and a nap
Why I love bikes: I usually ride alone as the bike provides me the opportunity for quiet self reflection. It also provides the benefit of exercise and personal challenge, but I welcome the time I get to think. 
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: When parents everywhere feel safe letting their kids use bikes for transportation and exploration. 

Jason McGibbon

Location: Portland, Oregon
Bio: Working across the outdoor, action sports and cycling industries have afforded me the good fortune of my personal and professional lives becoming one – Being able to combine time with friends and family, while charging hard, truly generates stoke.  When not traveling, pedaling or spending time with wife and kids, I commit my time to helping the Yakima crew deliver incredible product solutions that empower people to get out and get after it!
Favorite post-ride snack: Chocolate Covered Almonds
Why I love bikes: Perspectives – Time in the saddle affords one the opportunity to put things in perspective!  Whether it be the long rides that offer contemplation, the hard rides that remind you of true suffering, the epic rides that present moments of clarity or the scenic spins that allow the simple appreciation of time outside!
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: The happy place exists where bikes truly become an integrated part of our culture.  Weaving life’s experiences on bicycles into the fibers of our society means progress has been realized.  There is still a fair amount of work yet to be done, but the path forward has been established.

Ed Medina

Bio: Ed Medina is an adventurer and journalist from the Boston area, with a passion for bicycling, surfing, and climbing. Ed is an independent contractor with expertise in video, online broadcast, storytelling and virtual reality. He has a wide background with media operations big and small. He was recently the Multimedia Director for The Boston Globe, where he co-founded and ran an Emmy-winning video operation there. He helped create the news operation at Boston.com, and he ran the Interactive Division of the Associated Press. He has taught at Emerson College. He began his career at The Tonganoxie Mirror in Kansas.
Favorite post-ride snack: Yellow Peeps. Homemade oatmeal cookies with cranberries and walnuts.
Why I love bikes: Greasy chain kisses, and how bikes look like they want to go even when sitting still. 
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: A greater consideration for everyone on the road, and an elevated social conscience of our potential as a society.

Ben Raby

Location: Glen Ellyn, IL
Bio: I’m a full time SRAM employee. Riding bikes is in my blood, I began racing when I was 14 & privileged to have ridden as a full-time athlete until I was 28 both in MTB & Road. This inevitably paved a way into SRAM. I’ve been with them since I stopped racing. I began in their Road Sports Marketing department working along great folks and taking take of some of the best road, CX & triathletes in the World as SRAM grew it’s road product portfolio. I now have joined the OEM Sales department and am based at our HQ in Chicago. 
Favorite post-ride snack: Bread, olive oil, cheese & tomatoes.
Why I love bikes: The escape. The exploration. The companionship. The Thrill. The freedom. The outdoors.
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: The future of cycling is bright! We will have to work together to educate, demonstrate & raise funds towards continued growth in bicycle infrastructure in North America. We are making gains and must continue this momentum to support future generations of new bicycle riders.

Bruce Rychlik

Location:  Acton, Massachusetts
Bio:  I was born in Chicago, grew up in Connecticut and work in Boston as a life science recruiter.  I also lived for much of one year in Vienna, Austria.  I rode a bike here and there as a kid, channeled Dave Stoller for a bit as a teenager and finished three triathlons in college.  But if my memory serves me correctly, I rode a bike only once after I started working until the age of 38 when I began training for a charity event, the Pan-Mass Challenge, at the suggestion of a friend.  That was ten years ago and I am thankful, for a wide variety of reasons, that I re-discovered a bike after all of those years. 
Favorite post-ride snack:  After most rides or races on weekends, I take any willing member of my family out for burritos or pizza.  There is certainty in the world!
Why I love bikes: Riding a bike is personal; it can mean something different to anyone - at any age.  But what I like most about bikes is the amazing and awe-inspiring community that supports them:  people who donate to charity rides; people who volunteer to cut or clear trails; race and event organizers and promoters who encourage the young and the old; professionals who give back – to name a few.  I have been inspired to be known as one of the “people for bikes”, rather than simply as a person who rides a bike.
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me:  1) When people of all ages - in all locations - have safe, reliable and enjoyable options for riding their bikes.  Today, my wife and children love bike paths and mountain bike trails but do not feel safe on the roads.  Hopefully one day they will.  2) When drivers and road riders understand, respect and act responsibly to one another.  This will take time, patience, education and empathy.

Chris Schmidt

Location: Columbia, KY
Bio: I have been working in higher education since 1995 at Lindsey Wilson College.  Formally introduced to cycling in 1996 through our collegiate cycling program.  By 2001 I had lost control of my health and was morbidly obese at 365 lbs; I started riding a bike to regain my health.  In 2012 I became an Ironman 140.6 finisher and have gone on to complete four more.  I credit cycling for saving my life.  I have an incredibly supportive wife and son and a network of family and friends that offer me constant motivation and inspiration.
Favorite post-ride snack: Pizza is a favorite pre, post, anytime snack! Oh, and cookies, cookies are pretty awesome after a ride.  Oh, and ice cream, who doesn't love ice cream?
Why I love bikes: The world is a beautiful, amazing place to see from your bike.  From my bike I can go places and see things from a perspective I can never see from a vehicle.
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: I envision a future for cycling where there are dedicated bike paths from community to community connecting town after town, city after city.  I would love to see it become so safe that we encourage children to ride to school, employees to ride to work.  I hope as a society we embrace bicycling as a way to maximize our health and transportation benefits. 

Mark Slavonia

Location: San Francisco, CA
Bio: Mark Slavonia is a lifelong cyclist and a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Mark founded the Friends of the Polo Field to restore San Francisco's historic Polo Field cycling track.  Mark races for the Peninsula Velo cycling team and works as an investor.
Favorite post-ride snack: fresh fruit, whatever is in season.
Why I love bikes: Cycling brings us the world in a scale and a pace that we can comprehend.  
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: I hope that cycling can be viewed as safe, normal and healthy, not as a daredevil hobby for the brave and the committed.  I hope that children will again use bikes as a key to unlock their freedom.  

Dan Thornton

Location: Marietta, GA
Bio: My father and I started Free-Flite Bicycles in 1978, the same year I married my wife Christine. My professional career has flourished along with my marriage and Free Flite has grown to three stores in the greater Atlanta area. I’ve been involved in cycling advocacy for many years in both local and National levels. I served on the Board of Directors of the National Bicycle Dealers Association for over 15 years holding every office on the board ending my services in 2014 as Chairman of the Board of the NBDA. I’ve always given back to cycling community knowing that without financial and volunteer support our cycling base would not grow. Since 1978, Free Flite has sponsored and supported numerous bicycle events, races and race series. In addition, Free Flite has supported multiple IMBA and SORBA chapters in the southeast.  I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League, the Chairman of Georgia Bikes Board and Treasurer of the Board of Bike Cobb. I have a son, Daniel, who is the General Manager of Free Flite, and a daughter, Amanda, along with three grandkids I’m continually trying to keep up with.
Favorite post-ride snack: Pizza with a cold beer!
Why I love bikes: I love bike’s because they solve so many of today’s issues. From fossil fuel dependency to obesity in adults and children riding is the drug free therapy that keeps you young and healthy.
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: I believe a better cycling future will include safer cycling access the United States. 

Pete Webber

Location: Boulder, CO
Bio: I’m a full-time cycling coach in Boulder, Colorado, and am excited to join the Ride on Atlanta. (I also did the Ride on Washington and Ride on Chicago.) Over the years I’ve been a pro racer, a professional trail expert, a bike guide, and a full-time bike advocate. Now I focus on coaching bike racers, especially juniors and cyclocrossers.
Favorite post-ride snack: Chips and Salsa taste so good after a long ride.
Why I love bikes: I love bikes… so many reasons. Let’s just say I love the escape, I love being outside, and the friends last forever :)
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: The future of bicycling is bright! I hope it includes better places to ride that are safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable. And just more people on bikes all the time!

Kevin Wolfson

Location: Cambridge, MA
Bio: I am the lead frame designer at Firefly Bicycles and the sometimes hapless but usually useful navigator of this ride for the last six years. I am a road cyclist, a mountain biker, and a commuter, and often my favorite rides are simple trips to and from the grocery store. My current passion, which seems to have really stuck, is baking sourdough bread.
Favorite post-ride snack: Sourdough toast, lots of good butter, and cinnamon sugar.
Why I love bikes: I love that they can be such a powerful a tool for so many things and for so many people. 
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: A better future for cycling is one where anyone from 8 to 80 years old (to borrow that wonderful phrase) feels comfortable riding there bike anywhere they want to go.