2015 riders

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Lucy August-Perna

LOCATION: Corralitos, CA
BIO: I laugh. A lot. Sometimes at inappropriate times. I'm also the Advocacy Manager at Specialized Bicycle Components where I get to partner with great organizations like PeopleForBikes.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: A Juicy Lucy of course!
WHY I LOVE BIKES: I encounter many feelings on a bike, emotional and physical. These feelings tend to come in typical phases for me: anxiety, excitement, crankiness, exhaustion, clarity, euphoria, purpose, and ease. One time on a century ride I felt like I was getting the flu at mile 65. I didn't. And the feeling passed. Turned out to be a good life lesson. On a bike, I can't escape any phase nor hurry it along. I have to just sit with it, bear it, enjoy it, "ride it out" as I've been advised. It's the closest I get to being truly present. If I can transfer any of that to the rest of my life, I'll be better for it. That's why I love bikes.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: One that is safer, more convenient and more accessible for all. And fewer monsters. #shedthemonster

Emily Bremer

BIO: I'm a born and raised Wisconsinite working at Trek Bicycle. When I'm not riding, I'm either entertaining my black lab (Piper), playing music, or taking naps.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Pringles, or straight up meat.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: How could you not?
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: People who never considered commuting by bike to work a possibility doing it daily.

John Bucksbaum

BIO: I am the walrus koo koo kachoo
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Anything that doesn't move.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: They don't talk back.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Bike lanes, bike sharing and drivers respecting cyclists.

Sean Co

LOCATION: Berkeley, CA
BIO: I am a husband, father and person that uses his bike to move throughout life. I am a transportation planner for Toole Design Group that helps cities design environments that help people to walk and bike safely and easily.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Burritos with lots of rice and a nice craft beer!
WHY I LOVE BIKES: They are a simple and elegant tool that help people live better lives by getting people to destinations, helping them to exercise and the ability to transform cities to provide transportation options.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Riding a bike is an easy choice for people of all ages and abilities. People can ride bikes without fear of traffic or yelled at while on the road. They become part of the urban fabric where no one would give someone riding a bike a second look in the same way that you now see a car on the road.

Charlie Cooper

Location: Boulder, CO 
Bio: Dad to Daisy (8) and Reid (turning 6 on our final day, April 2nd) and husband to Lisa (missing her birthday too, our first day of riding!)… but, aside from missing birthdays, I’m a family man! And a VP at PeopleForBikes. Dream job. Love getting to go to work everyday to make bike riding better, safer, more fun, convenient and accessible throughout the USA. Grew up in the midwest (Indianapolis), college in Ohio (Denison ’92). Three previous career chapters starting with NASCAR (Atlanta ’92-97), EA SPORTS (SF/Bay Area ’97-2003), Leisure Trends Group (research firm- Boulder) and now PeopleForBikes for a little over two years now. From motorsports to video games to research and now bike advocacy, I promise there is a common theme- a life long love for the bike!  
Favorite post-ride snack: Budweiser (Because yoU Deserve What Everyone Should EnjoyRegularly)
Why I love bikes: Freedom, fun, the experiences, outdoors, the bonds created, practicality, transportation, singletrack, fitness, suffering, the thrills, kids on bikes with smile. 
What a better future for bicycling looks like to me: The day, in the United States, when the political debate around the following fact, is a debate no longer: It is less expensive for government, at all levels, to invest in bicycle infrastructure (great PlacesForBikes!) than it is not to.

Jason Douglass

LOCATION: Superior, CO
BIO: I am a father of a nine year old named Makayla, husband of 13 years to Erica and a retired flight medic who loves cycling. I nearly lost my life in a bike accident when a car made a left hand turn in front of me, so bicycle advocacy is near and dear to my heart.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: I have loved bikes for as long as I can remember. The freedom it afforded me, the adventures it represented and the utility all were a key to my happiness. As an adult cycling became an outlet to relive stress and reset after what were sometimes horrific shifts in the 21 years I worked as a paramedic. Riding to work prepared me to deal with the day's chaos and riding home allowed me to leave work behind and focus on my family. As my daughter has grown cycling has given me a way to get her outside to experience nature while creating a bond between us that can never be broken and memories that will never be forgotten.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: I would love to see more people find commuting to work, running errands and going grocery shopping by bike to be safe, reliable and efficient. Protected bike lanes, education and accessibility to the right equipment are all key in making this happen. If this problem is approached properly, and if it's supported both by citizens and is funded properly we can change the way motorists interact with cyclists, the way cyclists are perceived by trail users and land managers and the way our society as a whole spends their free time. I see this as a way to change the fabric of our society in a positive way from both a physical and mental health standpoint.

Richard Fries

LOCATION: Lexington, MA
BIO:One of the founders of the ride, I had to suffer the indigestion from hiring Tim Johnson as an intern when he was just 17. But he has since become an amazing young man who understands the need to weave racing, recreational cycling and transit cycling together into a powerful braid. After working working to improve cycling as a journalist, promoter, coach and cyclist, I work today as the executive director of MassBike.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Independence
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Intermodality! Connecting bikes (at whatever level of usage one desires) with planes, cars, buses, trains and subways for that first and last few miles!

Tim Johnson

LOCATION: New England
BIO: As Richard Fries would like to say, I'm the one who came with the great idea to ride to the National Bike Summit, in winter. What came of that idea has changed the way I ride and my view of cycling. We might "just be racers" but are still very much part of a larger cycling family...
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: For some reason, yogurt comes to mind.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Selfishly, it's the idea of riding near my house and feeling like the drivers passing by and I, are all on the same page. Otherwise, it's hoping that some kid growing up will have the go-ahead to ride a bike - and the parents won't be afraid of letting them do so.

Brandon Jones

BIO: Transplanted Texan, father of two, husband and investor. Ride my bike for fun in NYC, upstate NY and in Jackson, WY when I am lucky enough to be there.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Fun, fitness, great tool for getting around NYC and taking kids to school.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: More infrastructure to provide for convenient and safe riding.

Narayan Mahon

BIO: I'm a photographer. I'm a cyclist.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: I love bikes and cycling because nothing makes me feel more free and alive.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: A better future for bicycling for me means a more aware society that treats cyclists with the respect we deserve and gives us the space to enjoy cycling safely.

Ed Medina

BIO: Ed Medina is an award-winning multimedia journalist for the Boston Globe, an adventurer, a lifelong amateur bike racer, and a veteran of Tim's rides. Ed grew up in Tulsa, OK, and his family is from Chicago's South Side. He looks forward to rolling through the familiar grasslands of the Midwest.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Spinach walnut salad and a PBJ sandwich
WHY I LOVE BIKES: Bicycles connect us to our youth, and that first feelings of freedom.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Greater understanding and respect between motorists and cyclists. More group rides where cyclists ride for one another, rather than against one another. Safer bike lanes in American cities big and small.

Chris Schmidt

LOCATION: Columbia, KY
BIO: I am a husband and proud father to a 16 year old boy named Cole. I've worked in higher education for 20 years, serving as Dean of Students the last 15. I am a 3x Ironman finisher.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Pizza or rib-eye steak.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: I was re-introduced to bikes in 1997 by an enthusiastic group of collegiate cyclists and it changed my life forever. A bike means freedom and reminds me of my childhood, it keeps me healthy and I can really see the world from two wheels.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: Kids riding their bikes to school again, communities embracing trail development, and vehicles and bicycles sharing the same roads without hostility.

Kevin Wolfson

BIO: I am the lead frame designer for Firefly Bicycles in Boston, MA. Most days I wake up and almost immediately start fantasizing about what to eat for lunch and dinner. After most meals I immediately want a brownie.
FAVORITE POST-RIDE SNACK: Cheddar cheese, eaten like an apple, George Costanza style.
WHY I LOVE BIKES: I've ridden and raced bikes for as long as I remember. Literally, my first memory is from a tricycle race when I was five. These days I love bikes mostly as tools. Tools to go fast, to explore in the woods, to feel exhilarated, or to get the grocery store.
WHAT A BETTER FUTURE FOR BICYCLING LOOKS LIKE TO ME: A better future for cycling is one where anyone from 8 to 80 years old (to borrow that wonderful phrase) feels comfortable riding there bike anywhere they want to go.