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Tim's Fundraising Page - 2014 Ride on Chicago

Luckily, this thing's light!

This May, 20 bicyclists and I, are riding all the way from Kansas City to Chicago in just 5 days. The goal: raise funds and awareness for PeopleForBikes.

Bicycling is a simple solution to some of our most pressing problems. When people ride bikes, great things happen. Bicycling is good for our environment, our health, our economy, our children, and so many other factors.

But for too many Americans, hopping on a bike to get to the grocery store or spin around the neighborhood is not an easy option. Roads are busy with car traffic, leaving little space for people on bikes to comfortably and safely ride.

PeopleForBikes is working to change that. By building more bike lanes, paths, trails, and parks, they're making bicycling in America safer and more convenient for all who want to ride. Whether you're an avid bicyclist looking for better conditions, or just a friend or family member of someone who rides, supporting PeopleForBikes can make every bike ride -- and our future -- better.

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