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Green Lane Project

Inventory of Protected Bike Lanes

The simple bike lane, the stripe of white paint that creates a space for riding on the road, is getting a makeover in cities across the U.S. The improved space, called a protected bike lane, adds physical separation between moving cars and bikes, such as a curb, parked cars or plastic posts. Between 1874 and 2011, only 80 of these facilities were built nationwide. Our inventory shows that this number has nearly doubled to 142 protected bike lanes witin the first two years of the Green Lane Project. 60% of the new lanes are in the Green Lane Project's six focus cities: Austin (6), Chicago (17), Memphis (1), Portland (2), San Francisco (9) and Washington DC (2).

View this inventory of current protected green lanes in North America. The file is hosted in Google Documents. All users can download the file in order to sort the data according to their needs by fields such as year built, location, length of lane, and the type of protection offered by the lane. The inventory will be updated regularly with new information on protected green lanes.

Do have a correction or an addition to the inventory? We welcome your comments.