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Green Lane Project


The Green Lane Project assembles policymakers, transportation professionals and senior staff from the focus cities to study, experience and be inspired by the most advanced bicycling environments in Europe and North America. Intensive hands-on policy and design workshops cover topics such as protected bike lane design, building political and popular support, and employing bicycling as a tool to add economic and social value to neighborhoods. Green Lane Project focus cities also participate in domestic best practices-sharing gatherings and additional training opportunities. Professional exchanges among peer cities and international experts inspire new adaptations of proven practices that lead to lower-stress streets and more vibrant cities back home.

Green Lane Project Study Tours

Since 2009, more than 275 city officials and professionals have participated in PeopleForBikes study tours. Study tours are a core element of the Green Lane Project. Study tours are a powerful tool for helping leaders develop and implement a vision for better streets back home. 

Dutch and Danish cities are internationally renowned for their safe and efficient multi-modal transportation networks, successful urban design, and strong local economies. Experiencing a fully realized, mature bicycle transportation network up close is an invaluable and transformative step for city leaders as they work to “translate” model practices from European experience to unique American streets. The delegation of transportation professionals and city officials will spend time with local and international experts in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Malmo, Sweden and other model cities on a fact-finding mission of best practices for everyday bicyclng and high-quality city life.

In 2015, PeopleForBikes is increasing its capacity to offer study tours, creating an unprecedented learning opportunity for city leaders. Read more about World Class Cities 2015 study tours. Typically, 4-12 delegates per city will join each trip. Study tour alumni are invited to join the LinkedIn group to stay in touch with European hosts and fellow delegates. More information for prospective participants.

Previous Green Lane Project Events

Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place 2014, September 8-11, 2014 Pittsburgh, PA
Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place is the premier conference for walking, biking and placemaking. The Green Lane sessions featured extensive content and lessons learned from the Green Lane Project. Staff from GLP focus cities received scholarships to attend.

Bikes as a Toll for Better Cities - Denmark and the Netherlands, 2009-2014
Green Lane Project city leaders visited both Denmark and the Netherlands each year from 2012-2015. Experiencing a fully realized, mature bicycle transportation network up close is an invaluable and transformative step for Green Lane Project city leaders as they work to “translate” model practices from European experience to unique American streets. It's not just about what a city can do for bikes; it's about what bikes can do for the city.

Green Lane Project 2 National Kick-off Summit, April 28-29, 2014 Indianapolis, IN
Leadership and staff from the newly-selected six focus cities of Green Lane Project 2 joined United States Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard to officially launch the two-year project, define priorities and goals, and examine Indianapolis' network and plans for protected bike lanes.

'Chicagohagen,' 2013
Inspired by a successful 2012 visit with the Green Lane Project, Chicago looked to Scandinavia for ideas and inspiration on a custom Chicago-only study tour. The windy city is a leader in adapting European-style urban design innovations in the American context.

The Future of Green Lanes - Portland, OR, 2013
As the first round of the Green Lane Project neared its conclusion, leaders from the six founding cities strategized on how to accelerate the institutionalization and mainstreaming of next-generation, protected bike lanes.

Green Lanes Equity Summit - Austin, TX, 2013
A two-day gathering of transportation professionals, policymakers and community leaders from the six Green Lane Project cities. The focus was on building support for protected bike lanes and related improvements in low-income and historically underserved neighborhoods.

Showcasing a U.S. Model - Minneapolis, MN, 2012
The workshop highlighted the Minneapolis example as a national leader in bicycle transportation engineering, promotion and policy. Minneapolis was declared the 2012 best city in America for bicycling by Bicycling Magazine — one out of every 20 trips in the City is made on a bicycle. Topics included the pioneering bikeshare program, NiceRide, as well as lessons learned in funding, designing and implementing state-of-the-art transportation projects.

Green Lanes by Design - New York, NY, 2012
New York is an established national leader in the design and operations of modern U.S. protected bike lanes. This intensive, in-depth workshop paired transportation engineering leaders from the GLP focus cities with peers from the New York City Department of Transportation to discuss design challenges and share best practices in the rapidly evolving field of on-street protected bikeway design.

Green Lane Project in New York: City to City Solutions from Bikes Belong on Vimeo.

Other Training Opportunities - Partner Events

Focus cities are eligible for workshops offered by Green Lane Project partners, including:

For questions about study tours and workshops, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at 303-449-4893 ext 6.