Cunningham Park Trails

Organization: Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists (CLIMB)

Year: 2006

Amount: 10000

Status: Project complete

Type: Mountain bike project

Address: Cunningham Park, Queens, New York, NY

We helped Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists (CLIMB) build the first legal mountain bike trail network in New York City—in Queens’ Cunningham Park. Because of the group's success with other trail projects and programs, New York City Parks & Recreation has given CLIMB permission to build and maintain the mountain bike trails in the park. Accessible by public transportation, the park is now a mountain bike destination for a Trips for Kids chapter, a Girl Scouts cycling program, and thousands of adventurous New Yorkers. Volunteers from CLIMB and the Green Apple Corps donated nearly 1,000 hours of labor to build the trails. CLIMB’s strong partnerships with groups ranging from the Nature Conservancy and New York City Parks & Recreation to local bike shops made this pioneer project possible.