Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway

Organization: Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Initiative

Year: 2009

Amount: 7500

Status: Project complete

Type: Bike path/trail

Address: Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, New York, NY

The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative will use their $7,500 grant to continue to work with NYC DOT as they develop a comprehensive plan for the 14-mile Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway—a high-priority project for bicycling in Brooklyn. BGI's role in the project is coalition building. They are the tie that binds the DOT, State Parks, City Parks, the Economic Development Corporation, private landowners, multiple neighborhoods and developers together for the common cause of creating a beautiful recreation amenity in Brooklyn before prohibitive development occurs along the waterway. They are a true neighborhood advocacy organization, and their grassroots efforts will ensure that the $18 million in Federal Transportation funding designated for the greenway project gets spent before it—or the opportunity to build the greenway—expires.