Bethlehem Skateplaza

Organization: Bethlehem Skateplaza

Year: 2010

Amount: 10000

Status: Project complete

Type: BMX

Address: bethlehem Skateplaza, Bethlehem, PA

The Town of Bethlehem Parks & Recreation Department used our $10,000 grant to help build a world-class BMX/skatepark in downtown Bethlehem. The facility is a destination area for riders and skaters as well as a venue for events, competitions, and clinics. Park planners in Bethlehem identified the need for skaters and riders to have a safe, legal place to play-similar to the fields local baseball and soccer players enjoy-and the community prioritized this project through support letters and fundraising efforts. The plaza is part of an ambitious greenway project in Bethlehem's urban core, enabling people to ride to the facility and providing great exposure for both skating and BMX. The town also received a Community Development Block Grant as well as state and local-government grants for the project.