Grants Awarded

Since 1999, we have awarded 296 grants to bicycling projects and programs in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Our Summer 2014 grant awardees span the country and represent a variety of projects to improve the environment for bicycling. Take a look at these eight organizations working to make biking better in their communities: 

Cleveland Metroparks Riverwalk Trail: The Cleveland Metropolitan Park District received $10,000 for this new trail as part of significant redevelopment along the Cuyahoga RIver
Improving and Expanding the Rountree Branch Recreational Trail: Platteville Community Arboretum (WI) was awarded $10,000 for upgrades and an extention to this key connector
Richmond Regional Ride Center: The Virginia Association for Parks added $10,000 to their fundraising efforts for this mountain bike facililty which will feature handcycle-friendly trails and amenities
Navigating the Lafitte Greenway - Connecting New Orleans' Off-Street Bicycle Network: Friends of the Lafitte Corridor received $5,600 for destination and wayfinding signs on this transformative facility through the center of the city
Beach and Peach Urban Bike Park: The Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association of Jacksonville, FL (SORBA-Jax) will use their $5,500 grant to add to and improve this facility for mountain bicycling and skill building
Columbus Open Streets: Transit Columbus (OH) was awarded $5,000 for the city's first open streets day, coming to the city in September 2014
Racks for Bikes: The City of Brownsville (TX) received $2,500 to make bicycling even easier by adding bike racks across the city
FreeWheels for Kids Bike Clubs: FreeWheels for Kids of Kansas City (KS) will use their $1,500 to help two middle school Bike Clubs build an off-road path making it safer and easier to bike to school


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