PeopleForBikes is coming to Iowa

July 03, 2014

by Nikki Javurek, PeopleForBikes government relations manager

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PeopleForBikes is no stranger to RAGBRAI®, having attended and ridden across Iowa for the past few years. However, this year will be our most exciting trip yet because RAGBRAI has declared that
Day 4, Wednesday, July 23 is PeopleForBikes Day!

We are honored to be a part of the greatest ride in the country and are looking forward to the good riding, good people and good hospitality that come with riding RAGBRAI.

PeopleForBikes Day will be an all around awesome day, starting in Forest City, with a stopover in Clear Lake, where we’ll be set up to give the riders a high five and some swag. After that, we’ll head into Mason City for a night of fun and excitement will await (including Warrant and Bret Michaels!).

We have also challenged RAGBRAI to get 10,000 people to join the PeopleForBikes movement. For every new member that signs up, we will donate $1 to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to support the great work that they do across the state for bicycling. To help them out, share this link with your friends and encourage them to join PeopleForBikes to make bicycling better across the country:

We'll be setting up shop at the RAGBRAI Expo on Saturday, July 19th in Rock Valley. Be sure to stop by to say “hey” to our crew and get hooked up with some sweet PeopleForBikes swag. Our team will also be riding the route most days and will take any words of encouragement you have to offer.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re thrilled to be partnering with RAGBRAI and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to be a part of Iowa history this year. So come on out and ride with us and have some fun!

RAGBRAI riders taking a break in one of the meeting towns.

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