Meet the 2014 crews

April 12, 2014

by Sarah Murer, PeopleForBikes marketing coordinator

Our new crews from left to right: Mike and Sheena (Crew East) and Greg and Meredith (Crew West)

Every summer, thanks to funding provided by Volkswagen of America and our bike industry supporters, we send two teams of two people on a whirlwind road trip of festivals, races, and rides across the U.S. Their job? Spread the word about bikes far and wide and encourage more people to ride more often.

We’ve been fortunate to find some amazing, bike-loving folks to represent us since we launched the event program three years ago.

For our 2014 event crew positions, we received a record number of applications. We narrowed them down to two fantastic teams. Here they are:

Sheena + Mike (Crew East)
Sheena and Mike are no strangers to working and traveling together. They have spent the last few years working for VW at auto shows and other events throughout the country. After meeting our 2013 East Coast Crew, they were inspired to not only go out and buy bikes, but to make bicycling their career! Sheena and Mike will be covering events all throughout the eastern half of the U.S.

"It has been a lifelong goal for us to travel the country and what better way to do it than while promoting a great cause," said Sheena. "Being new to the industry, we are also excited to learn more about biking and to meet all the wonderful people who love bikes as much as we do."

Meredith + Greg (Crew West)
Straight from the sailing industry in Rhode Island, Meredith and Greg are both extremely passionate about bicycling. Both are avid road bikers, and Meredith recently started dabbling in the world of cyclocross as well. They are excited to start traveling the western part of the U.S. to spread the word on better biking and encourage healthy lifestyles.

"It's awesome to work for an organization that's creating a positive environment for bikes, and we're thrilled to be a part of it," said Greg. "We're really looking forward to see what the summer has in store for us!"

Interested in having PeopleForBikes at your event? We are always looking for new and exciting events to attend throughout the U.S. Send all the details on your event (location, date, cost, attendance, etc.) to and we will do our very best to attend.

We are kicking off our event season at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA this week. After that, our crews hit the road for the summer (their full schedule will be posted later this month). Look for a PFB crew at a bike event near you, and follow them on Instagram under @PeopleForBikes.

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